Visit Belvedere House, Gardens and Park

Belvedere estate today is a very important example of cultural built heritage that has been transformed into a tourism asset of national importance for the region.

Come and immerse yourself in the facinating history of a beautiful estate that is resonant of the past but relevant to the future.

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The House aerial view

Belvedere House was built in 1740 by German -born Architect Richard Castle (1690-1751), as a hunting and fishing lodge for Lord Belfield - Robert Rochfort - who later became the First Earl of Belvedere.

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The Follies Jealous Wall

The Jealous Wall is the largest and one of the most spectacular follies in Ireland. The word 'Folly' is commonly used to describe an ornamental building serving no useful purpose ...

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Belvedere Walled Garden flowers

Wander around our beautiful walled garden and enter our Thomas Messenger style Victorian glasshouse filled with an array of exotic plants or delight in the many splendid woodland & lakeshore walks.

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The Belvedere Story

The family associated with the strange story surrounding the Jealous Wall and Belvedere House were the Rochforts. A very old and influential family who came to Ireland during the 13th century.

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The Woodland Walks and Lakeshore

The Parklands and woodland trails through the ancient whispering woods of Belvedere are a place of enchantment at any time of the year.

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The Belvedere Fairy Garden

At Belvedere there is also a magical Fairy Garden at the bottom of the Walled Garden in an enchanted glen.

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