Belvedere Follies

The word "Folly" is commonly used to describe an ornamental building serving no useful purpose. Some were designed as "sham ruins" while others were built simply to adorn the landscape. In Georgian times the inclusion of such follies as part of the overall improvements to the landscape were to provide subjects for melancholic contemplation of the triumph of civilisation over barbarity.


The Jealous Wall

The Jealous Wall was built c. 1760 as a result of a quarrel between Robert Rochfort and another brother George, the owner of nearby Rochfort House (subsequently re-named Tudenham House), now, alas a melancholy ruin. The Wall was built between the two houses as an artificial ruin of an abbey so as to exclude from Robert’s view the sight of his brother’s residence of which he was jealous. It is believed that the Earl went to enormous expense in constructing the ruin, to the extent of hiring the services of a celebrated Italian Architect Barrodotte to superintend its erection.

The Wall is in the form of a large gothic ruin built in stone with a central wall, Three pointed windows high up, and five smaller round headed windows above them. Two square wings project at either end of the wall which stands some 20 metres high.

The Jealous Wall still stands today, and is said to be the largest purposely built ruin of its kind in Ireland

Belvedere Jealous Wall

Octagonal Gazebo

This gazebo is located to the northwest of the House and is easily accessible from the Woodland Walk. It was once roofed and was built on a fortified terrace of brick and stone and probably served as a viewing point for visitors to the estate. When originally constructed, it had commanding views over the lake and surrounding lands. With the clearance of some over-mature trees in recent years, some of the views have been recreated.

Belvedere Octagonal Gazebo

Gothic Arch

The Gothic Arch was also built in the mid 18th Century as a mock entrance and a focal point at the northern end of the parkland. It consists of a rectangular castellated stone edifice. A turret like window appears on each side of a large Tuffa Crown. It is accessible via the Woodland Walk.

Belvedere Gothic Arch

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